A Showmance(a portmanteau of the words show and romance) is a type of relationship formed in the Pokemon Big Brother house. These involve two House Guests involved in a romantic and flirtatuous relationship, usually for entertainment purposes. However, many reality shows involve showmances.

Showmance(s) by SeasonsEdit

Pokemon Big BrotherEdit


Male Female
PBB1 Umbreon Kirlia
Red Lucario Snivy
PBB2 Marsh the Treecko Min the Pichu
Gulpin Min the Pichu
Cyndaquil Min the Pichu
Yellow Wailord Gardevoir *PBB2*
PBB3 Marsh the Treecko Snivy
Marsh the Treecko Lilligant
Red Lucario Serperior
PBB4 Juklen the Sceptile Froslass
Brently the Beartic Lilligant
Brently the Beartic Koron the Shiny Ninetales
Male Male
Jay the Staraptor Illusion the Shiny Zorua
PBB5 Gundham the Sableye Flo the Eternal Floette
Cody the Floatzel Jasmine the Simipour
Yellow Wailord Snow the Vanillite
Male Male
Illusion the Shiny Zorua Rex the Scrafty
Hero the Noivern Rosie the Espurr
Male Male
Matt the Black Arcanine Wiley the Weavile
Matt the Black Arcanine Riou the Biker Grovyle
Wiley the Weavile Riou the Biker Grovyle
Female Female
Taylor the Cherrim Lisa the Espurr
PBB7 Skrape the Drapion Emma the Lopunny